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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lazy Days of Summer

It has been a while since I last blogged and there is lots to catch up on so I will attempt to do just that.
Emma completed her first year of Early Childhood Preschool at Kenrose. She will be moving to Crockett Elementary next year as they have switched the school that will host the program. We are excited about this because 1) she will have the same teacher and 2)her boyfriend Owen will be in a class nearby. She learned so much throughout the year. We could not be more proud of her.

Emma will be a big sister in August to Claire Elizabeth. She has named all of her baby dolls Claire and talks about her baby sissy all the time. I will be interested to see if she is as excited once the baby arrives. We are going to have some adjustments around here I am afraid. The pregnancy is going well so far and everything looks good with the baby. Keep praying for a healthy baby.

I finished my first year of Nursing School and will return in January to hopefully graduate by Dec 2012. I know how challenging it will be with two littles at home, but we will get through it.

We officially joined the minivan club in March. I think that is one of the best decisions we have ever made. I love it! We are now proud owners of a Honda Odyssey.
The young people that I go to school with made fun of me because that it what the nuns come pulling up in everyday at school. They call my car the Nun mobile. They are just jealous, haha.

We went to Hilton Head in May and had a great relaxing week together. Emma loved the beach and got very brave in the water, especially at the pool. It was a much needed vacation for the family.

Emma started horseback riding at a place called Saddle Up. They only accept children with special needs. She acts like she has been riding a horse all of her life. Her first horse was Dumpling, but she now rides Lucy every lesson. She goes once a week for an hour. We finally found some boots that fit her and she marches around the house very proudly in them. She has been the naked cowgirl a few times as she thinks it is funny to only put her boots on.

We are going to try and stay cool and be lazy around here this summer and keep baby Claire from making an early arrival like her big sister did. I will hopefully do a better job of updating. Happy Summer!

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